Review: Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation

16 Apr

If there is one type of makeup product that I am SUPER DUPER anal about it would have to be foundation. Finding one that gives you the right color, finish and coverage is extremely important or else you will end up looking like a cake with orange frosting. And I’m sure this is not the look you are going for. 

So recently I stopped by the Chanel counter to try out the Vitalumiere foundation because I heard a lot of mixed reviews on it and I wanted to from an opinion myself. How do I put this nicely….I HATE IT. Here is why:

-Extremely dewy finish; I literally looked like a shining disco ball after application and even after I had set it with my MAC Skinfinish powder. 

-The cover is not buildable. It is supposedly a full coverage foundation but it came nothing close to any of the medium or full coverage foundations I have used in the past.

-The sales associate claimed that this is “wedding foundation” because it claims to give a glowing and even finish. I would rather jump off a bridge than wear this on my wedding.

-The smell reminds me of an old lady’s perfume. Bleh.

I hate to sit here and bash this foundation because I am a fan of Chanel products. But I think people mostly pay for the label rather than the product that you are receiving. For example, the Revlon Colorstay foundation is super cheap and gives great full coverage  and a matte finish. Why would you spend $50 when you can spend $10? 

What are some of your favorite foundations? Let me know!


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