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Popular Dupes!

25 Jul

You might be thinking…dupe? What in the world is a dupe? Well if you are new to the beauty world I’ll give you a little run down. A dupe is basically a product that is very similar or identical to another; an alternative. This usually means that the dupe may be a drugstore brand or just something that is cheaper and sometimes even better to the original product.

I absolutely love reading these types of posts and watching dupe comparison videos! There’s nothing better than getting a good product for a fraction of the cost. Here is a list of dupes that I have compiled through some research and my own testing:

1. Revlon Pink Pout & MAC Snob

2. Wet n Wild Pinkerbell & MAC Viva Glam Nicki

3. Wet n Wild eye shadow in “Nutty” & MAC Satin Taupe- If you do not own either of these, I highly suggest you pick up it! This shadow is a cult favorite, and is great to wear all over the lid to give your eyes some depth.

4. Maybelline Pink Please & MAC Creme Cup- Just the perfect light pink lip!

5. NARS deep throat & ELF Tickled Pink

6. Benefit Hoola Bronzer & NYC bronzer in Sunny















Do you have any dupes? I would love to hear them! xox



Recent MAC Favorites

16 Apr

I have been on a bit of a MAC kick lately and have found a lot of products that I think will be staples in my collection for a long time. Usually MAC has been a hit or miss for me, but fortunately for me (and unfortunately for my wallet) I have been loving a lot of products!

1. Mineralize Blush in “Warm Soul”– I usually walk right by the mineralize blushes because they tend to have a lot of sparkles in them but this color really caught my attention. It’s a beautiful pink color with gold sparkles and a bit of a brown undertone. When applied to the cheeks the sparkles blend into the skin so nicely without making me look super shiny.


2. Lipstick in “Creme Cup”– I know this is a very popular color but I just got my hands on it and I am in love! If you are looking for a perfect soft pink lipstick, check this one out. It is a creme finish, which is my favorite because of how smooth it goes on and stays on the lips.


3. Lipstick in “Secret Lover”– Pale nude-pink with a pearly finish. This was a limited edition color but I found it at my local CCO and have been enjoying it. I normally don’t like the lustre lipsticks because the sparkles are always too apparent but this color is just the perfect amount of shine. If you have a CCO by you, I suggest checking out this color for yourself.


4. Blush in “Buff”– This color is underrated! It is a warm pinkish-brown and I truly think it doesn’t get the hype it deserves. I think it is such a perfect everyday color for your cheeks and just adds the right amount of color without looking like you’re wearing blush.


5. Paint Pot in “Painterly”– I have used all types of eyeshadow primers from Urban Decay to Elf to Lancome. But nothing compares to this paint pot! I was a little hesitant to purchase it because it was a bit pricey but so many people raved about it so I was sucked into it; and I’m so glad I did! I apply it on my eyelids before using any eyeshadows and it creates a smooth nude canvas for me to work with. Unlike other primers, it evens out skin tone and reduces any redness or discoloration you may have. It also helps with keeping your eyeshadow from creasing and staying put!


What are your favorite MAC products?

Go Nude

16 Mar


Even though bright lipsticks are all the rage this season, a nice nude lip color is classy and everyone can pull it off!

I’ve compiled a quick list of tips to help with finding the perfect nude lipstick without making you look like Casper the ghost.

DO find a color that is within two shades of your natural lip color. If you are fair skinned, look for colors that have a pink undertone. If you are medium or darker shade, go for the beige/brown undertone.

DON’T look washed out. You don’t want to look like you just put concealer all over your lips. “Nude” is a term to describe your natural lip color and you want to find a lipstick that makes you look like you..but better!

DO exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick. Nobody likes flaky dry lips so use a scrub or lip conditioner. Recently I have been loving MAC’s lip conditioner and I always put it on in the morning and before I go to bed at night. You can find it at any MAC store or online here: http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/164/472/Lip-Conditioner-Tube/index.tmpl

Here are a few of my favorite nudes!

1. Revlon in “Soft Nude”- I’ve talked about this one a couple times but it’s my go-to lipstick for everyday and you cant beat the drugstore price.

2. L’Oreal in “Fairest Nude”- The formula is so smooth and leaves a nice creamy finish that lasts pretty well throughout the day. This is a little more mauve than the Revlon color, and I think it would look great with any skin tone. The only complaint I have is that it has a bit of a chemical smell, so if you are sensitive to scents this may not be for you.

3. MAC in “Viva Glam Gaga 2”- This color is more beige and can make me look washed out so I only use it in the summer. If you are naturally dark this would be a great nude color for you and it’s pretty affordable as well.

What are your favorite nude lipsticks?